As ERSAN CAM MAKİNE, our goal in Occupational Health and Safety services; to keep possible work accident risks under control, to provide a healthy and safe working environment and to increase Occupational Health and Safety Culture with the participation of all our employees.

Our basic principles to reach our calculations on Occupational Health and Safety;

  • To comply with legal regulations and standards regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
  • To train and raise awareness of all our employees about Occupational Health and Safety.
  • To ensure that all of our employees, our suppliers and visitors, comply with the Occupational Health and Safety rules and participate in the processes.
  • To predict and eliminate dangers by making timely and accurate risk analysis
  • To determine and eliminate the factors that will cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the working environment.
  • To continuously improve activities related to Occupational Health and Safety by following technological developments.

In this direction, as ERSAN CAM MAKİNE, we will continue our efforts to provide a healthy working environment.