* Machines’ functions are controlled CNC automation

* X, Y, and C axes’ engines SERVO system

* Racks and pinions are made in Germany.

* Optimization program is “PERFECT CUT” Italian company (

* Data input is done by machine PC and able to store all programs and cutting patterns on machine hard disk. You could use flash disk, wireless or LAN connections to store projects to machine PC.

* Cutting lubrication system with oil flow concentrated on the score to lubricate and cool the glass and wheel keeping the score open longer and enabling faster and easier breaking.

* Air cushion system provides easily move glass sheet on table by hand.

* Cutted glass pieces can be separated by pneumatic breaking bars.

* Electrostatic powder paint for long-life protection

* CE Electrical system suitable for CE safety conditions .



* Electronically Squaring System (it means operator does nor have to reference the glass against squarings automatically)

*Low –E sıyırma ünitesi ile ( kaplamalı camların sıyırma işlemi otomatik olarak optimizasyon programı üzerinden yapılmaktadır.

* Cutting pressure can be adjusted automatically through optimization program.

ACT 3210 Standart Cam Ebadı
Smooth Cutting
ACT-S 3210 Standart Cam Ebadı
Şekilli Kesim
ACT-S 6032 Jumbo Cam Ebadı
Şekilli Kesim
Glass Cutting Speed Max: 130 m/dk.
Glass Cutting Tolerance ± 0,3 mm.
Length 4200 mm. 4200 mm. 7200 mm.
Height 960 mm 960 mm 960 mm.
Width 2880 mm 2880 mm 3500 mm
Weight 1800 kg 1900 kg 2900 kg
Cuttable Glass Dimension Min (mm) 700 x 600 700 x 600 700 x 600
Max (mm) 3210×2500 3210×2500 6000×3210
Cuttable Glass Thickness Min (mm) 3 3 3
Max (mm) 19 19 19
Noise Emission Level 75 dB(A) 75 dB(A) 75 dB(A)
Air Consumption 400 lt/dk 400 lt/dk 500 lt/dk