1/5   -1/15 dosing control pump, automatic shutdown system for unexpected rate changes

Insufficient material control, automatic shut-off system that prevents the pump from making air when the main material runs out

Pressure hoses with teflon resistant to high pressure and chemical corrosion

200 lt. and 20 lt barrels for ergonomic platform

Overpressure warning system

A component special pressure plate for low material waste

Thanks to the movable telescopic arm that can rotate 180 ° around the shaft, it provides working and use in a wider area.

Hydraulically driven base and dosing pump

Pneumatically driven catalyst pump

1 / 4 With the help of air pressure regulator, flexibility and up-down adjustment of the movable arm is provided. In this way, it allows the operator to adjust and work comfortably.

Specially designed hydraulic unit

Alpha mix mixing unit

A component thermostat controlled heating unit

B kompenant nem alıcı filtre ünitesi (Poliüretan’da)

B component material filter

Bypass system that prevents freezing in the mixer when not in use

Minimum maintenance sealing system in the dosing pump

Effective protection against corrosion with the use of aluminum body pneumatic piston

Sturdy steel construction housing with electrostatic powder coating against corrosion

Thiocol polyurethane conversion within 3 hours

Electrostatic oven for long-lasting protection

 Electrical system suitable for CE safety requirements .





Mixing ratio :

1/5 – 1/15

1/5 – 1/15


400V 3NPE AC

400V 3NPE AC


50 hz

50 hz

Total power:

4 KW

4 KW

Air pressure:

6 bar

6 bar

Air consumed:

40 lt / dk

40 lt / dk


1500 mm.

1500 mm.


1332 mm.

1332 mm.

Height 1:

2445 mm.

2450 mm.

Height 2:

2988 mm.

3000 mm.


550 Kg.

650 Kg.