* 5.7″ colorful touch screen
* Easy One-Button Operating -Programmable 8 automatic operating options (Conveyer strip speed, clamp down/up time, material start/stop time)
*Automatic or manuel operating options *7 kg. material capacity
* Timing system that provides automatic turn on/off
* Operating options in different profile thicknesses (Adjustable from 6 mm. to 20 mm. )
* Material injection possibility in minutes from 10m. to 55m.
* Easy Temperature control system on Touch Screen (Adjustable tank and nozul temperature)
* MONOFAZE (220 V) electric requires

Option :

Butyl-withdrawal feature of circular and arch-shaped profiles upon request Optional banding unit (up to 80 m / min with banding unit)

Model No BE-7 TOUCH
Length 3020 mm
Height 1200 mm
Width 620 mm
Weight 520 kg
Material Tank Capacity 7 kg
Machining Profile Thickness 6-24 mm
Air pressure 6 bar
Air Consumption 12 lt/dk
Optimum Working Pressure 100 bar
Hydraulic Pump Capacity 4 lt/dk
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 18 lt